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Tonight's Erotic Story - How to dodge a speeding ticket away.

He cruised right through a stop sign heading towards the open ocean. She has to teach him a little regard about the safety of others. So she had him pulled over to the side of the road. Attempting to charm away an impending fine for a traffic violation, this 22-year-old surfer boy got this woman in authority impaled with the huge pack he's carrying with him inside his trousers. 

She said that "You're going to service me not the community but if I don't climax then you're under arrest." He looked like a kid in the candy shop. 

Listen now to this audio podcast to find more on what happened to his hot woman police officer who took advantage of this one time circumstance.

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Eva took Samantha in a quick field trip to the Adult Toysland during lunch time.

After work, when Samantha arrived home, her curiousity and and a little bit of experimentation with Adult Toys improved her Sex Life forever. Try a new way to fully enjoy the climax of the most pleasureable and sensual orgasm.

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A couple celebrate their wedding anniversary by going out. Not too fancy, Smitty's Pub is going to serve as the setting for their celebration that is about to become very hot. Make sure to listen every friday and get 50 percent off by using special offer code FRIDAY for almost any product at

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Luke and his girlfriend constantly disagree about him getting a new motorcycle. That is, until he convinces her to go for a test drive... Make sure to listen to Sassy's Erotic Tales every week and get 50 percent off by using special offer code FRIDAY on almost any product at

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